Business Valuations Denver – How Much Is Your Business Really Worth Today?

It isn’t necessary to spend thousands for a business valuation, but knowing what your business is worth is vital if you are planning to sell – either now, or in the future.

Paul Olsen, owner of Denver-based Company Broker Group, (CBG, LLC)  will call you to discuss your financials and provide you with a realistic range of value for your company.

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We create value for our customers in every transaction. This always creates a higher sales price and better terms. Since our fee is based on final sales price, the more you make, the more we make.

It is a win-win scenario for both – our interests are always directly aligned with our customers – in every deal. That’s the way it should be.

Paul Olsen, Business Broker for CBG, has been serving Colorado Business owners for 24 years in all areas of Business Valuation, Consulting, Business Sales, and Exit Planning. Please call him direct at 303-522-2034 to discuss in 100% confidence how he can help sell your business under whatever terms you seek.

If you want to talk on the phone or perhaps meet face-to-face, to discuss how best to prepare your business for sale, our group will always be here.”


Paul has conducted hundreds of fee-based and complimentary seminars on the topics surrounding business valuation and how best to sell small to medium sized companies in many different industries. Over the past two decades, he has personally completed hundreds of transactions and has a solid record for success assisting business owners sell their business for the highest value attainable.

Business Valuations Denver: His experience makes him the perfect resource to answer your personal questions about business valuation, business brokerage and mergers & acquisitions.  He will give you a value range for your company within just 2 days after getting the financial data he needs.

A meeting with Paul will be complimentary and 100% confidential and will ensure you get quick answers to all your business valuation questions.  An informal consultation with you will have you understanding the value of your business and the most likely time frame for completing a sale.

Paul will give you a keen insight as to what you can reasonably expect to expect to make for your business as he explains some of the possible sale methods and tax hurdles you could expect. He will also review the process to you in depth, answer any questions you may have regarding selling your business or CBG, LLC and provide extensive client references and over 20 video testimonials in and out of your industry to assist in your decision making.

All information that you provide is used only by CBG, LLC and is kept in strictest confidence.